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 Our practice has several lasers and energy based devices devices to help with acne breakouts:

Aviclear patient

AviClear Laser 

Kissimmee Office Only

        Stokes Dermatology office in Kissimmee is the  very first office in central Florida to have  a Revolutionary new FDA-cleared Laser for mild, moderate to severe acne. This game changing treatment is called AviClear and is designed for people who wish to avoid the complexity and risk of side effects of oral medications such as antibiotics and isotretinoin (Accutane) used for acne. AviClear is a brand new type of laser that uses light to specifically target and actually change the overactive sebaceous glands which are the main root cause of acne. 

        With just three sessions about one month apart, acne can be reduced or eliminated for most patients.  Of course there are people who will need multiple courses of laser much like there are people who need multiple courses of Accutane.  Unlike oral medications, AviClear does not have the risks of serious systemic side effects. There's no warnings for intestinal problems, there’s no risk depression or suicidal ideations. There’s no required blood work to monitor liver function, blood counts, lipid levels,  There’s no  birth control requirements, and no dietary restrictions. There’s also no registration for cumbersome government monitoring programs like Ipledge. There are no  prescriptions to pick up and there are way fewer office visits for treatment. 

     The treatments are tolerable for most patients, especially for those who are familiar with undergoing medical treatment such as laser hair removal. For those who need analgesia for pain we can add in the use of Pro-Nox which is a mix of inhaled nitrous oxide and oxygen. When adding up the total amount of costs for a patient with moderate to severe acne including office visits, bloodwork, co-pays on-going prescriptions and missed work for appointments, the cost of a course of AviClear is comparable. Aviclear is NOT covered by medical insurance, but there are finance options available. A treatment course with AviClear is less than $4000.  When you come in for your medical visit for acne be sure to ask about AviClear as an alternative to traditional oral medications. Ask for your  AviClear treatment with Dr. Stokes or Betty.


Aerolase Lightpod Neo Laser 

Kissimmee or Windermere

          The Aerolase Lightpod Neo laser which is a no pain, no touch laser treatment for those have tried everything, for those who are not candidates for or who do not wish to take oral antibiotics, hormone control or isotretinoin,  which is best known under the original brand called Accutane. It can be used on all skin types from the palest a pale to the darkest of dark. It is unique in that the microsecond pulses of this device help to reduce inflammation and acne lesions often by the next day and with a series of treatments can help to control acne and even put it into remission. The advantage over traditional treatments is that there are no pills to take, no medication side effects, no monthly blood work, no increased sun sensitivity.

          For many patients this is a game changer in the way that we as dermatologists have been treating acne for years. The device is portable so we are able to offer the treatment at both of our office locations by any of our providers. Although some patients often choose an initial single treatment to give the device to try the best results are seen with packages of 3 to 6 treatments with each one performed approximately every other week. Although insurance does not cover these treatments, they are affordable and often cost less then the total of all the co-pays for the office visits, bloodwork, pharmacy cost, and products used to treat side effects from oral medications. Financing options are available. These treatments cost less money than AviClear, but are non painful, although the results are not as good as with AviCLear. Ask our staff members about laser acne treatments with the Aerolase Neo.