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As we take our first steps towards freedom from staying at home....

We should remember that these are only our FIRST steps and they do need to be small steps as everyone learns how to handle some semblance of normal. The rules will likely still change every single day. Every type of business and every type activity will be affected. Restaurants  and other businesses will need to train employees how to prepare and serve without contamination. Patrons will need to learn to dine while not spreading germs to others. They will need to be aware of every single surface that they touch. Purses and backpacks are a huge risk for picking up germs, as are glasses, sunglasses, ink pens, keys, cups, etc. Customers will need to learn how to takeoff and put on a mask or face covering without spreading germs all over the restaurant, their personal items or themselves.  Where will they put it? And how? Perhaps an extra “mask plate” on the table can help. They will need to learn how to handle their keys. If you set them on the table, a countertop, or a check out stand, Guess what? Customers in shops Will need to learn how to handle payments such that they haven’t touched everything in the shop and then touch their credit card or wallet or purse.  Public restrooms go without saying. Don’t touch anything. For a small child, a challeged person, an elderly person, that may be next to impossible. Begin to think through every aspect of your outing. Think through every grocery trip. Think through every doctors visit. Think through your first social outings. 

Skip the purse or backpack. Use plastic bags or envelopes for someone to drop your ID or credit card into whenever they DO NEED to be handed off. Everything you do in public may take longer in the name of being safe. Spend your valuable days at home  outlining a strategic plan to keep you and your family safe in public for every activity. Remind teens and young adults that the new freedom is not “game on” for party time. Collectively  this will make a difference in the community. Review the plans and household rules with all of your family members. Think through safety with your co-workers and your boss. I promise you that initially, companies and government cannot think of everything. If you have the ability to teach others to be safe then by all means, teach others. In fact, COVID safety should be added into all distance learning programs ASAP. Review videos of how to put on and take off masks safely.  Use homemade plastic face shields to keep yourself from touching your face when you go out. This goes double for anyone who has a habit of picking or scratching.  Use hairstyles that keep hair off of your face such that you don’t reach up to move it. This is not about living in fear.  This is about learning better ways of doing things such that they become habits. Once they become habits, no one will even need to think about them. Education about Covid  will flatten the curve! Better Habits will flatten the curve! A Sharp rise in the curve as restrictions let up can lead to further lockdown action. Do your part to keep the curve flat. This will take all of us.  Please share. Please even share more with community leaders and influencers. Please Educate More about what needs to be done. Empower others. Please Learn more.  Do it to protect others from the virus. Do it to get our economy back. Above all, please be safe!


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