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Sensus SRT-100

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Sensus SRT

Sensus SRT-100 Superficial Radiation Therapy is available in our practice for patients who are non-surgical candidates for non-melanoma skin cancer. The treatments are done without surgery, without stitches and without injections. There are websites online that mention,“lack of scarring”, however, one must realize that there can be a permanent loss of surrounding hair follicles and hypopigmentation (discoloration) in some cases. The treatments must be done in multiple visits which so that the radiation can be delivered in fractions. Delivering the dosage in smaller fractions overtime helps to prevent extensive damage to the surrounding healthy tissue, yet kill the cancerous cells. Cure rates can be up to 95% very close to surgery. This treatment is not for everyone and not for every type of cancer. For older, debilitated patients on blood thinners this type of treatment is a very welcome option to surgery. Our staff can help to guide patients learn more about criteria for who is a candidate for SRT. Just ask for more information and if SRT is an option for you.